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1.7.7 - Preparation for The Final Shape

Leading up to TFS, I decided to refresh several screens and some plumbing in Vault Zero. Once TFS releases, another update will be required to add patterns, titles, etc.


The Bounties screen has received several updates in both visuals and functionality - most notably the "Gear Me!" button.

"Gear Me!" selects a random weapon that meets the criteria of the bounty. It both serves to speed up bounty running (so you don't have to hunt for a weapon) but also provides a bit of fun in that you're likely to end up using off-meta (or just plain stinkers) weapons you don't normally use.

Visually, the header is spruced up; a bit more informative to help understand if you're near the bounty max. Note that bounties themselves aren't capped, but your quest+bounty inventory is.

Another visual change is to reduce the information density of completed and expired bounties. Since they're done, you don't need to know much about them then how much XP they're providing.

Under the hood, the bounty plumbing has been rewritten to be a bit more efficient and more resilient to inconsistencies in the Destiny Manifest.

Minor Fixes

  • Fireteam

    • Fix issue with perk identification to limit the number of perks assigned to each weapon.

    • Rework layout to allow space for display variations.

    • Switch Fireteam data pulls to /GetProfile endpoint so we can take advantage of minted timestamps.

  • Misc

    • Support mystery perks on the Pantheon triumph awards. Some of the weapons drop with strange perks on them that are in the database, but aren't really perks 🤔

    • Swap as many instances of AsyncImage over to Nuke's LazyImage - loads faster and has better caching.

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