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1.8.3 - New Lost Sector View! (And More)

Updated: Jul 8

(Pending App Store approval)

  • Finder

    • Fix - item transferring, which is currently not working (issue with 1.8.2 release).

  • Director

    • New! - Lost Sector view has been rebooted to show an upcoming schedule, along with which exotic armor is available that day.

    • Update - Register Presage mission

    • Update - Added Threats and weapon Overcharges

  • Bounties

    • Register new clan bounties

    • Fix - only show suggestions for current character

    • Fix - only show suggestions containing bounties

  • Reputation

    • Update - Added Xur, Rahool and Hawthorne. Their engram balances are not available in the API (ticket) and Hawthorne's reputation has a funky name (ticket).

  • Raid Utilities

    • New! - Added several community maps and guides to the Salvation's Edge section. Much more to come here. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see included.

  • Misc

    • Add a new init debug setting

    • Register deprecated elemental mods (present on sunset weapons)

    • Fix - Two rare, dereferencing crashes.

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