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1.8.2 - Director + Startup Reboots!

Well, it's been an exciting few weeks since TFS launched!

1.8.2 is now pending approval in the App Store.

  • Director

    • The Director has received a complete rewrite!

    • The list is now more curated

    • Rotators with unclaimed rewards are indicated with an engram in the sidebar.

    • It's remotely configurable, so changes to available activities will no longer require a new release of Vault Zero.

  • (Startup)

    • The entire startup process was rewritten in honor of Prismatic + Transcendance, meant drop you back into the app as soon as possible.

    • The previous startup had front-loaded configuration checking, which rarely triggered (once a week) but paid a regular performance penalty for checking.

  • (Miscellaneous)

    • Fixed all reported crashes (x3). If you're offered the chance to report a crash, please do. They're quick to fix once reported, so take a moment to do so! 🙏 😍

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