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1.6.0 - Reputation + Journies

Updated: May 27

  • Reputation (New!)

    • Track your reputation across all contemporary vendors

    • Integrates weekly active bonuses, engram balances, currencies, etc.

  • Journey (New!)

    • View your progress towards Guardian ranks

  • Director

    • (New!) Show legendary weapon rewards for the current Lost Sector

    • (New!) All activities now include their destination in Sol

    • Added the new Warlord's Ruin dungeon

  • Bug Fixes 🐞

    • (#29) Handle the case where your fireteam members don't allow viewing of their progression information (e.g. artifact unlocks).

    • (#31) Handle the case where membership data does not include the bungieNetUser field.

    • (#32) Fixed a crash during manifest import.

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