V A U L T    Z E R O 

Vault Zero is a Destiny 2 companion application, available on iPad (17.2+) and Apple Silicon Macs (14.2+).

Our goal is to help you maximize the time you're shooting aliens (or other Guardians) and minimize the time you're in menus.

Find and Equip Weapons

Quickly locate and equip weapons to keep you in the field

Examine Activities and Modifiers

What's there to do and what should I bring?

Bounty Optimizing

All of your bounties, grouped under activities where they overlap, including "off the beaten path" activities (please suggest more!)

Seasonal Weekly Challenges

View your weekly Seasonal Challenges and Bonuses (including rewards)

Pattern Catalog + Browser

Patters are organized by the source, and an additional view cataloging all of your incomplete patterns (hopefully not too many 🙈)

Fireteam Loadouts

Working on some challenging content?

Help ensure each others' loadouts are optimized!

Reputation Dashboard

Reputation status for all contemporary vendors, pending rewards, any weekly bonuses and more!

Guardian Ranks

Follow along with your journey


Seals is where you can see the status of each Seal and its associated Triumphs including rewards.

Raid Utilities

A little app support for those Deepsight raid chests.