Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you make this?

I've been playing Destiny since the summer of 2014. As more systems are added (rotating activities with rotating modifiers, seals, crafting, etc.), I had so many browser tabs open while playing that I realized I had my own "interface" outside the game: a site for pattern collections, a site to help with the red border chest in King's Fall, a site to see how many triumphs I had left... It started to feel a bit like work!

In the summer of 2021 I set a goal: play Destiny without a web browser for the majority of my sessions. I had no knowledge of app development nor the languages and technologies required, but I did know Destiny had an API. Here we are, over two years and 1,600+ commits later and I achieved my goal. From here it's been evolving into functionality that I find helpful while playing as my sessions have evolved over the years.

Q: What about gear / vault management?

DIM (Destiny Item Manager) does so much, and does such a brilliant job that I haven't considered what that might look like in Vault Zero.

Q: ...then why is it called "Vault Zero"?

Good question! My wife suggested it and I liked the way it sounded.

Q: Any plans to support other platforms than iPad or macOS? 

Q: I have a feature request! (or a bug to report!)

Ping me on Bluesky or file a ticket over on GitHub and I'll have a look

Q: Does this app collect any data or save my information somewhere off my device?

No. Guardian information is stored only on your device.

Q: Can you support earlier versions of iPadOS or macOS?

For better or worse, Apple regularly adds features to the iOS/macOS platform and quickly stops updating older versions. If I need those components to work on the app, then I'll increase the oldest supported versions.

Q: What tech does this use?

Q: Who made this?

There's one developer (me) but there's no chance I could have shipped this without the great people over at the unofficial Discord for the API (nev et. al). Their generosity with their time is truly amazing, and the tools they've built to help API developers are indispensable.

Ted, DJ, barn, Izzy, Irons, Blanco, ... thank you!

No links, but you know who you are and I appreciate all the testing and feedback over the past couple of years ❤️

Q: Could you open-source it?

If you're Bungie, of course! I'm happy to provide access to the project; have a look around and take everything. It is solely for your game after all 🙌

In general, I'm unlikely to, though if you have any specific questions about the implementation, I'm happy to discuss.