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for Destiny 2

Less Time in Menus. More Time Shooting Aliens.

Works with iPads and Apple Silicon Macs

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Simulator Screenshot - iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (6th generation) - 2024-05-12 at 14.28_edited.
The App

When Destiny was released in 2014, Sol was much simpler.


I've been playing Destiny for nearly ten years, since taking those first steps in the Cosmodrome during the Alpha. New content to explore and mechanics to master are being added regularly. With each new subsystem came a new spreadsheet to download or another website tab to have open.​ For example:

  • A site for pattern collections

  • A site to track Hive symbols to unlock the Deepsight chest in King's Fall

  • A site to track triumph progress for chasing seals

  • A site for today's lost sector

  • A site for upcoming lost sectors

  • And so on...

Each Guardian ends up creating their personal interface outside of the game, and it all started to feel a bit like work. It's become difficult to play without having my laptop open, and while I'd prefer having nothing open :) I figure an iPad is the next best thing.

In the summer of 2021 I set a goal: play Destiny without a web browser for the majority of my sessions. Three years and 2,530+ commits later, Vault Zero is now my daily driver: a companion app that does just enough of everything without being too complex that it feels like work.



Vault Zero's Finder Screen


Often while playing I'm quickly looking to gear up a type of weapon using some basic filters: type of weapon, element, ammo, etc. With the Finder you can quickly locate whatever you need and move it to your Guardian.

Vault Zero's Bounty Optimizer Screen


Bounty prepping for the next expansion? Or grinding out a bit of seasonal XP to unlock those final-column perks? Use the Bounties screen and its suggested activities to get them done ASAP.

Feeling lucky? Click the "Gear Me" button on a bounty and you'll get a random weapon you can use to fulfill that bounty's objectives.

Vault Zero's Director Screen


If you can choose it from the Director, it will show up here. I find myself constantly asking what the rotating activities were, and popping up my Ghost to remind myself what the modifiers were.

Director is a bit of visual treatment to help quickly pick out the important bits.1

Vault Zero's Weeklies Screen


Following along with the weekly seasonal triumphs, completion status and available rewards.

Vault Zero's Pattern Screen


Browse patterns by custom collections, organized to help you find what you're looking for quickly.

Looking for a Special Solar Shotgun? Use the Pattern Browser to see your options.

Vault Zero's Fireteam Screen


With the Fireteams screen, you can check out each other's setup for those difficult encounters and (politely ;) suggest improvements.

Vault Zero's Reputation Screen


Wondering how far along you are to the next reset? Or how many engrams are waiting for you at Shaxx? The Reputation screen will tell you both.

Additionally, seasonal currency status is displayed, for those seasons where there's a little more to keep track of.

Vault Zero's Journeys Screen


If you've misclicked while looking for this screen as many times as I have, you'll equally value the Journeys screen.

See your current rank and what it takes to move up.

Vault Zero's Seals Screen


Quickly see what boxes need to be checked to lock in your titles. Yes, I only need Riven and Nezzy to lock in Godslayer! 🙏

Vault Zero's Raid Screen


Each raid has its own things to remember be they callouts in Vow or Hive symbols in King's Fall - either way, Vault Zero's Raid Utilities screen has you covered.

Simulator Screenshot - iPad Pro 13-inch (M4) - 2024-06-02 at 09.49_edited.png


Difficulty remembering which elemental effects stun Champions? Ted's got your back.

The Finder view features TedXotic indication,  helping you identify at-a-glance which exotics have the capacity to stun champions when it's otherwise undocumented.

Simulator Screenshot - iPad Pro 13-inch (M4) - 2024-06-02 at 09.56_edited.jpg

(Tapping on a weapon explains the TedXotic status)


Satisfied App Store Guardians

Fantastic D2 Assistant.

Beautifully-designed app cuts away a great deal of endgame management friction so we can focus our time on what matters—shooting aliens in the face.

Jim Lipsey, 02/11/2024

Clean and useful addition to D2

Love this app so far. The raid info section is a real lifesaver, and having pattern progress easily checkable is really convenient.

FlameCell, 04/24/2023


Absolutely the best way to check on pattern progress, and the bounty optimization logic is AMAZING!

dj Spin Monkey, 05/24/2023

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